To The Girl Who Made Me A Mom

Dear Simone,

I could go back to the day you were born. The cold air slapping us in the face as we hurried out to a vehicle that had been running just to make it warm enough to take you home. I could go back to colic, the first months when your body writhed in pain all day and night and the sleepless weeks that lead me to question parenting, mothering and why I had a child born with colic.

We could go back to our first experiences with early intervention. Your struggles with sensory avoidance and of course your strong willed nature that caused me many phone calls, tears and worries about today but that was all the path needed to get you to where you are. Today.

Today, you are 16, you tower over me with a presence that is most often calm, understated and aware. You feel. Wholly. Entirely. With all of your mind, body and soul. You are determined. Driven. Empowered and willing to put your neck out on the line for what you believe in, even when I may not believe in the same thing.

You are kind. A kind and compassion that can’t be taught, one that has to be born.

Simone, at 16, you are growing into the person you were intended to be. I watch as children flock to you, as your smile exudes joy when you approach others. I see your heart. The one that is willing to step up and support me when I need a little extra help.

You are the oldest. You have paved the way, you lead by example with your siblings. Your relationships with each of the littles is unique. I have watched as you have learned to support others who need it, even if they aren’t able to tell you they do. I have witnessed your choice to choose another direction when you know its right to choose a different path.

Thank you for making me a mother. Thank you for allowing me to learn. Always remember no matter where life takes you, I will be your biggest cheerleader, your strongest supported and your greatest advocate. The world will open a path for you, choose to follow it, to find the good and to go far, for you my dear have the opportunity to make the world a better place.



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