To Therapists, We See You

Dear Therapist,

I want you to know I see you. I see that this year, in the middle of the pandemic you were assigned to my daughter and going in you probably had a lot of questions. Her reputation precedes her. I learned that earlier this year. Unfazed by what you had heard, you jumped in, head first and in less than two months we see so much growth and we know you are impacting her life, our lives for the better-forever.

I know my daughter is a lot. Working virtually, I know, is so hard, especially in speech. You show up. You jump online, you engaged and you get your students to progress no matter what stands in your way.

I want you to know, I was worried. I worried about this change. You see, you had big shoes to fill from our last therapist and I wondered what this change would mean. What I didn’t realize is although I had doubt, I didn’t had never witnessed you in action and my doubt turned to wonder which has turned to awe. You inspire me. It is apparent when a teacher, a therapist, a support person is in their element and you, you are not only in your element but gifted in your profession.

Every morning, you are the first face we see outside our family and no matter what type of mood my daughter is in, you step up. You are there. You rock the session. Every day. Your peaceful presence sets the tone for her day and we can’t put into words what that means to us. Yes. You have a plan but if she’s not in it, you can change, quickly on a dime and you do it gracefully.

It is easy to say thank you to teachers but so often, therapists are left out, we don’t get the ability to see the work they do, the efforts they put in or the growth that they bring to your child, but in this pandemic, in this time in life when things seem so wrong, seeing your support of our child is so right.

If ever you are feeling down, I want you to know, our entire family is blessed. Blessed to have you on our team, by our side, helping grow our girl. We look forward to walking beside you on this journey and growing into a better tomorrow.

Thank you. For not giving up. For being strong. For staying the course even when our daughter is tough. You are truly a bright spot in our lives.

Much Love

The Messy Blessy Momma

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