I Will Sit With You In the Darkness

In the darkness, quietly a caterpillar transforms. Using its energies, behind the scenes where no one can see. In time it carefully begins to break free, emerging into the world, a breathtaking beauty. Seraphina, right now we are in our cocoon, in the darkness but we are not alone. So many people are enveloping you,Continue reading “I Will Sit With You In the Darkness”

To My Daughters During Women’s History Month

Dear Daughters, I want to tell you about Women’s History Month, but more so I want to tell you about how you see women making history each and every day. I want to tell you how each of you inspires me to be a better woman myself. Being a female is a gift. True story.Continue reading “To My Daughters During Women’s History Month”

On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink

I was getting ready to shut down my computer when a friend posted about tomorrow, about wearing Pink. About Bullying. I was grateful. You see, I wasn’t thinking autism or even my own children but back to life before we were aware of what bullying was. I thought back to sixth grade, when I hadContinue reading “On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink”

To the People Who Choose to See, “Music”

I want to take a minute to write to you. I have hesitated to write on this topic but I figured I should as I am sure no matter if you planned to see the movie “Music” before, with all the controversy now, it has peeked your interest. I can’t blame you. If I didn’tContinue reading “To the People Who Choose to See, “Music””

To Our Paras, Thank You

For parents of children with additional needs, sending them off into a school building is hard, perhaps harder than sending a typical child–at least it was for me. I will never forget watching that little bus pull away, my daughter’s face pressed to the window and wondering “would she be okay?”. For many of us,Continue reading “To Our Paras, Thank You”

Erase This Word, The “R” Word

I still vividly remember my daughters face as I watched from the stands. It was halftime and I literally saw color drain as she was listening to an adult speak during her basketball game. Anxious, I wondered, what this woman had to say? I continued to watch, alone, in the stands, worried. As my daughter,Continue reading “Erase This Word, The “R” Word”